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Mechanised Cleaning


MJS Manpower Services is a leader in catering mechanised cleaning or environment services to hospitals, airports & corporate sectors. Our expertise is backed by a vast experience in providing mechanised cleaning with state of the art machinery & eco-friendly chemicals to major hospitals in Gujarat.


The MJS Advantages
  • Reduce workload of management.
  • Manpower management is the responsibility of contractor.
  • Reduction in cost if services are contracted out.
  • Every service is provided by the specialist in respective field.
  • Clean & hygiene environment to protect the patient & their family members from the infection i.e. Hospital Acquired infection.
  • Our finest quality of services protect the hospital staff and ensure neat, clean and healthy place to work which ultimately increases satisfaction level.
  • It keeps the surrounding environment of the patient and staff clean, hygienic & healthy.
  • It controls the odor, pests & rodents.
  • Ensure smooth functioning of the cleaning/housekeeping jobs.


Types of Mechanised Cleaning

MJS Manpower Services specialises in offering two types of cleaning services:

1. Traditional: The traditional approach of housekeeping executed by the housekeeping staff using disinfectants & chemicals.

2. Modern: It is undertaken with the latest technology and state of the art cleaning equipments such as vacuum cleaner (wet & dry), Single Disc Scrubbing Machines, Jet Pressure Machines, Telescopic Poles, Steam Cleaners, Carpet Extractors, Foam Generators & Scrubber Dryers-Walk Behind.


Our Team

MJS Manpower Services has a team of professionals with an in-depth knowledge of housekeeping in the service industry. It comprises of Customer Care Executive, Consultants and Marketing Executives. We also have a team of around 85 Housekeeping Management Staff, approximately 30 Administrative Staff and 2000+ Housekeepers.

We regularly take feedback from our customers to ensure that our services meet the requirements of our clients.


Functions Of Our Housekeeping Staff
  • Sanitation and hygiene
  • Odor control
  • Waste disposal
  • Interior decoration
  • Prevention of fire
  • Hospital Equipment Maintenance
  • Environmental Hygiene
  • Infection Control
  • Management Task