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Biomedical Services


MJS Manpower Services ensures fool-proof biomedical services to hospitals run by Government of India. We have achieved expertise in customizing biomedical equipment services to healthcare sectors.

We have a skilled & trained team of biomedical engineers to conduct comprehensive repair and preventative maintenance to manage costs & providing patient-ready equipment for hospitals.


We sign Annual Maintenance Contract to ensure these biomedical services:

1. Handling the repair & services of bio-medical equipments at hospitals.

2. Calibration of the equipment to keep a track of the efficacy of the equipment.


The MJS Advantage
  • Quick & flexible biomedical technical assistance to overflow technical needs.
  • Scheduled service for a specified term. We also provide on-site Biomedical engineers for inspection and repair.
  • Regular monitoring and maintenance management for all medical equipment
  • Works according to regulatory compliance.
  • Personnel support for biomedical staff, reducing substantially on the cost of labour and training.
  • Equipment replacement cost is also reduced with routine equipment maintenance.
  • Increases the efficacy by maintaining the records of Key Performance Indicators of the Equipments (Uptime, Downtime, Breakdown time etc.).
  • Conduct the Equipment audit.
  • Improves the life of the Equipments and decreases the error.